Create and Manage Project

Help Topics

Create new project

To create new project, select menu option 'File/New Project' or press 'Ctrl+N'. The project window is opened where you can specify various project properties. To get more information about project properties, see corresponding topic. HttpMaster project can also be created with the project wizard.

Open existing project

To open existing project that has been saved to a file, select menu option 'File/Open Project' or press 'Ctrl+O'. An open dialog window is opened where you can search for the HttpMaster project files. HttpMaster project files have 'hmpr' extension.

Open recently used project

To open one of the recently opened projects, select menu option 'File/Recent Project' and select one of the projects that are listed as sub-menus.

Reload opened project from disk

To reload currently opened project from disk, select menu option 'File/Reload Project from Disk' or press 'Ctrl+Shift+R'. If opened project contains unsaved changes, confirmation message will be displayed.

Open project from Windows Explorer

If you want to directly open saved HttpMaster project file (hmpr), locate it on the disk (for example, with Windows Explorer) and double-click the project file. Because HttpMaster application has been associated with hmpr files during the setup of HttpMaster, the double-clicked project file will be opened in HttpMaster application.

View project properties

To view and manage properties of the opened project, select menu option 'Edit/Properties' or press 'F4'.

Save project

To save current project to a file, select menu option 'File/Save Project' or press 'Ctrl+S'. If the currently opened project is new project, the save dialog will be opened where you will have to select the location of the project file (hmpr).

Save project to a new file

To create new project from an existing project, select menu option 'File/Save Project As' or press 'Ctrl+Shift+S'. This will allow you to save the currently opened project to a new file. The changes made since the most recent save will not be saved to the currently opened project; all unsaved changes will be saved only to the new project file.

Close project

To close currently opened project, select menu option 'File/Close Project' or press 'Ctrl+F4'. Note that the application will display a confirmation dialog if you will try to close the project with unsaved data. The same warning will be displayed if you will try to close the application or try to open new project while there is still the project with unsaved data opened.

Open project file location

To open disk location where current project is stored, double-click the main status bar section where project location is displayed; this will open disk location in Windows Explorer.