General Project Data

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General project data can be managed in the 'General' tab of project properties. You can specify the following options:
  • Project name; specify project name. This data is mandatory.
  • Project description; optional description of the project.
  • Global URL; scheme and host name with the optional port without query string part, for example, ''. URL specified here can be prepended to the URL of each request item and can be useful when you change or move to a new domain and do not want to change URL of every request item. This data is optional; if empty, you will have to specify absolute URL for each request item.
  • Global query string; global query string which will be appended to the URL of each executed request, for example, 'last_name=Doe&first_name=John&age=33'. Useful when you have some static query string parameters that should be part of every request in each request item.
  • Http protocol version; http protocol version used when executing requests.
  • Request timeout; number of seconds to complete single request; if single request takes more than the timeout value specified, it will be aborted. Default value is 30 seconds.
  • Http request encoding; character encoding that will be used when requests will be executed. This value affects the character encoding used when parameter values should be URL encoded and it also affects character encoding used when request body is uploaded.
  • Time delay between two requests; how much time (in seconds) must pass after current request has completed and new request is started. This setting applies to all request items in the project and is relevant only if you are running multiple requests in a single execution batch. If you would like to set different delay value for particular request item, you can specify post-execution action running some batch file with TIMEOUT command. For more information about post-execution actions, see corresponding topic.
  • Time delay for the first request; specifying non-default value for this property will delay the start of the execution for the specified number of seconds. If you have turned on the option to start execution immediately after the execution window is opened (Application options), HttpMaster will wait for the specified number of seconds before the first execution will be started.