Display Groups

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Display groups allow joining project request items into groups for an advanced display in the main window list. Each project request item can be member of a single display group; request items that have not been added to a display group are members of a default group.
Do not confuse display groups with execution groups.

Create display group

To create display group, use menu option Project/Manage Display Groups or press Ctrl+G and then follow this procedure:
  • Add new group in the left list and type its name.
  • Click Add button in the toolbar located above the right list; list of all project request items is opened.
  • Select and add all project request items that should be part of the group.
  • Click OK button to save group data to the currently open project.

Create display group in the main window

Alternatively, you can create display group directly in the main window with the following procedure:
  • Select request items that you would like to add to the new display group.
  • Right click and select menu option Add Selected Items to Display Group.
  • In the window that is shown, you have the following two options:
    • Create new group; if you would like to create new group, type its name in the corresponding field.
    • Add request items to an existing group; if you would like to add request items to an existing group, select desired group from a drop down list. If particular request item is already member of an another group, it will be moved to the selected group.
  • Click OK button.