Execution Groups And Conditional Execution

Execution groups enable advanced execution scenarios with only selected set of project request items and also support conditional execution.

Create execution group

To create execution group, use menu option 'Project/Manage Execution Groups' or press 'Ctrl+G' and then follow this procedure:

Execute selected group

To execute particular group, use menu option 'Run/Execute Group' in the main window menu or press 'Ctrl+(group_number)'. Group numbers are assigned automatically according to the order set for each execution group.

Execution order of request items inside the group

Request items inside the group are always executed according to their order inside the group and are not affected by the current order of project request items in the main window or their specified execution order. Setting 'Execution order of request items' available in application options also does not have any effect when executing particular group.

Conditional execution

Conditional execution of request items enables execution of particular request item based on the execution result of some other request item in the same execution group. After you have created group of items and specified their order, you can set their execution condition and monitored items (if applicable). The following execution conditions are available:


When specifying monitored item, make sure that all monitored items will be executed before the items that are monioring them. For example, if you have specified that item 'X' should monitor item 'Y', assure that item 'Y' will be executed before item 'X' in the group. HttpMaster will notify you of such errors when you will try to save group data.

Conditional execution and chaining data

If some item is skipped during the execution and next item should use skipped item's data for chaining, data of the last executed item will be used instead. For example, assume that you have three items in the execution group and third item should use some data from the second item. If during the execution second item was skipped (but first item was executed), third item will use data of the first item to obtain chaining data because second item (that should normally be used) was skipped.

Open all group request items in the basic request window

To open items from particular execution group in the basic request window, click 'Run/Open Group in Basic Request Window' menu option or press 'Ctrl+Shift+(group_number)' and basic request window will be opened with the execution data of group items (each group request item will be opened in its own tab).
Additional project items can also be opened when basic request window is already opened. To open additional project request item as basic request, double-click the desired item in the list available in the right part of the window. New tab will be created with the execution data of the selected request item.