Use Parameters

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Parameters defined in the project properties can be used with the request item properties. When you use parameters in the request item property that accepts them, you actually specify how requests will be generated dynamically during run-time. For example, if you have defined integer parameter with minimum and maximum value of 1 and 10, respectively and an increment of 1 and you decide to include this parameter in, for example, 'URL' field of the request item, ten different requests will be executed for this request item. You can use parameters with the following request item properties:
  • 'URL' field; here parameters are usually used as values of query string parameters, but you are not limited to use parameters only as query string values.
  • 'Request body' field; parameters can also be used when uploading files.
  • 'Additional http headers' field.
To use parameters in fields that accept them, you have to enclose them in curly braces, for example, '{size}'. To display the list of available parameters, put the cursor in the field where you want to insert the parameter and press 'Ctrl+Space'. A list of all available parameters is displayed and you can select the desired parameter from the list to automatically insert it.

For more information about using parameters, see corresponding topic in 'How to' section.