How to Manage Parameters During the Execution

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In every project, parameters of various types can be defined and then used in request item properties. However, when executing request items the value of every project parameter defined as Manually provided single value can be changed temporarily without the need to alter its value in project properties. This functionality is available in the following application windows:

  • Execution window.
  • Basic request window; only when the window was opened from project request items.
  • Window for creating cURL requests.
Only project parameters defined as Manually provided single value parameters can be managed during the execution, values of all other parameter types are automatically determined and cannot be changed. For more information on defining project parameters of various types, see the corresponding topic.

How to manage parameter values

To manage single-value parameters during the execution in the windows listed above, press Ctrl+P or click the corresponding toolbar button to open the window for managing parameter values. Single-value parameters will be listed with their current values. You can change their values and click OK button to apply them. New values will be used with the next execution wherever these parameters are used.

If you have already executed some request, you can quickly set parameter value without opening the window for managing parameter values:
  • Select the desired text from any of the tabs that display execution data.
  • Locate button Set selected text as parameter value in the execution data toolbar and click it. The list of Manually provided single value parameters is displayed.
  • Click the desired parameter from the list and the selected text will automatically be set as its parameter value.
Parameter values changed as described above are retained while the project is open. Once the project is closed these changed values are lost and will revert to default values once the project is reopened. Note that changed parameter values are shared between the windows that support managing parameter values, for example, if parameter value is changed while executing in the basic request window, the changed value will be immediately available in the execution window presuming the project was not closed in the meantime.
For a detailed tutorial on creating and using parameters, see the corresponding topic.