Manage Execution Order

HttpMaster enables you to specify fixed execution order for each request item contained in the project. For each new item added to the project HttpMaster automatically determines execution order; default value for each new item is current maximum value of execution order plus 1. For example, if you have ten items in the project with execution order from 1 to 10, HttpMaster will set execution order for new item to 11. You can, however, change execution order of any item in the project by using the following features:

Change execution order for the single request item

You can change execution order value for the specific item with the menu option 'Change Item Execution Order'. Specify new execution order value and click 'OK' button. Note that when you change execution order of particular request item, execution order of other request items can be affected. HttpMaster will automatically adjust execution order of affected request items and will mark them as changed in the main window list.

Manage execution order of the request items with drag and drop

This option will open new window with all request items sorted according to their current execution order. You can then change execution order of each item with drag and drop or with corresponding toolbar buttons. When you are done rearranging the items, click 'OK' button to change execution order according to the current position of each item in the list.

Align execution order of the request items with the current sort order

This option will align execution order with the current sort order of the request items in the main list. Execution order value of 1 will be set for the first item in the list, value of 2 will be set for the second item in the list, value of 3 for the third item, etc.

Compact execution order of the request items

This option can be useful if you have a fragmented execution order with many gaps due to item deletes. Executing this action will remove all gaps from the execution order and will make execution order of all request items contiguous.

How to specify execution order type

You can specify execution order type in the application options. For more information, see the topic about application options.

Manually change execution order for the current execution session

Execution order can also be managed in the execution window before the execution is started. To change execution order for the current execution session, use drag and drop in execution window to change order of request items that will be executed. Note that this reordering applies only to the current execution session and will be lost if execution windows is closed and reopened.
If you will use this feature, it is recommended that you turn off setting 'Start executing items immediately after the execution window is opened' available in application options. This will enable you to reorder request items and then manually start the execution.