Create Project from OpenAPI Data

To create new project from OpenAPI data, select menu option 'File/New Project from OpenAPI Data'. The import window is opened where you have to specify the source of OpenAPI data; source can be URL address or disk file. If parsing is successful, application will display data in the following sections: When you have finished tweaking the data, click 'OK' button and new project will be created and opened in HttpMaster main window.

How request body is created

If request data for the operation is specified as 'body', HttpMaster will obtain values of 'consumes' element and determine type of the body with the following procedure:

Connect OpenAPI parameters with HttpMaster project parameters

HttpMaster supports variety of parameter types which can be created in project properties. These parameters can be used to generate dynamic data for request item and can be used in URL, request body, or headers field. When these parameters are used, they must be enclosed in curly braces, for example, {id}. Since OpenAPI parameters are also enclosed in curly braces, you can specify HttpMaster project parameters with the same name as used in OpenAPI data and they will be connected automatically.


Update existing project from OpenAPI data

If you have existing HttpMaster project, you can obtain new request items from OpenAPI data and add them to the project. To update existing project, open it in HttpMaster and select menu option 'File/Update Project from OpenAPI Data'.