How to Use Validations

Validations can be used to validate execution response data of request items. For example, you can define validation rule that requires response body to be equal to the exact text value and then use this validation rule with particular request item. This will instruct HttpMaster to identify each execution as successful only if response body matches the text defined inside the validation rule.
It is also possible to create validation expression where multiple validations are connected with logical operators.

If you would like to use validations with particular request item, follow this procedure:

How to rename project validations

Validations can be renamed anytime in project properties. If renamed validations are in use in some of the request items, this rename will be reflected immediately in request item definition after project changes are applied (request item validation expression will be updated with new names). Even if request item is currently opened for editing in its own tab, validation expression designer and text field are updated with new names immediately.