How To Use Request Chaining

Chaining can be used to include data of the previous request with the current request. For example, you can define chaining with the type 'Complete RESPONSE URL' and then use it in the URL field of particular request item. This will ensure that every execution of the request item will use response URL obtained from the previous execution for its request URL.

If you would like to use chaining with particular request item, follow this procedure:

How to rename project chaining items

Project chaining items can be renamed anytime in project properties. If renamed chaining items are in use in some of the request items, this rename will be reflected immediately in request item definition after project changes are applied (request item properties will be updated with new names). Even if request item is currently opened for editing in its own tab, UI controls where renamed chaining items are used will be updated with new names immediately.

How to add project chaining items after they have already been specified in request item

It is also possible to enclose some text in request item definition with curly braces even before chaining with such name exists in the project properties. If you later create chaining with such name in project properties, HttpMaster will determine if some parts of request item properties can be matched with newly created chaining and will automatically connect them if such matches are found.