Command Line Interface

Command line interface can be used to automate HttpMaster tasks, for example, execution of project files. It supports several parameters that should be specified when command line application is started.
Command line application is installed in the HttpMaster installation folder, the name of the executable file is HttpMaster.Command.exe.

Command line parameters

Majority of command line parameters require its value to be specified, value should be separated from parameter name with a colon (without any spaces). Each parameter name should be preceded with a single space, here is the list of all supported parameters: Only 'execute' and 'output' parameters are mandatory, all others are optional.

Command line example

HttpMaster.Command.exe execute:"C:\Temp\My_project.hmpr" output:"C:\Temp\my_project_execution.hmex" logging:true

Command line wizard

HttpMaster features a special wizard that can help you with the construction of commands for command line interface. To start this wizard, select Tools/Command Line Wizard menu option in the main application window. The wizard contains multiple steps where you will be able to specify all available command line options in a user-friendly manner. At the last wizard step, complete command will be created with the ability to copy it for further use.

Project execution

By default, HttpMaster command line application executes all project items that are stored in the specified project file. You can, however, exclude particular project item from command line execution. To manage this property, open project item for editing in HttpMaster and change corresponding option.
Items are always executed according to their specified execution order; to change execution order for particular item, open project in HttpMaster and change execution order value for the item.

Canceling execution

To cancel current execution when inside command line console, press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break. If execution of project has been cancelled, no output hmex file will be created and it won't be possible to view any execution data even if some executions were completed before cancelling. It is necessary to completely execute HttpMaster project before hmex file becomes available for review.

How to view execution file created with command line interface

Execution data created with command line interface is stored in hmex file. To view execution data stored in hmex file, start HttpMaster and use menu option to open existing hmex file.