Build Request Body

In request item properties, you can click button 'Build Request Body' to create request body in a user-friendly way (this feature is also supported in basic request window). It is even possible to create request body from an existing HTML data.

Build request body from an existing HTML data

HTML data can be obtained from the following sources: To obtain an existing HTML data, click corresponding button in the toolbar and enter the location to extract HTML tags from. If obtained HTML data contains FORM elements, the list will display all input elements contained inside these FORM elements. You can also manually add additional elements to the list or remove unwanted elements from it. For each element in the list the following options can be specified:

Format of the built request body

It is possible to specify what kind of output data should be created for the response body. To specify the desired output format, select appropriate option from the drop down available in the toolbar. The following options are available:

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