Create and Execute Basic Request

Create basic request

To quickly create and execute basic request, select menu option 'Tools/Basic Request' or press 'Ctrl+B'. You can specify the following data in the window that opens:

Execute basic request

To execute basic request, click 'Execute selected request tab' button in the execution toolbar or press 'F5'. After the request is completed, the request/response data is displayed in the panel below the request data. For more information about execution results, see the corresponding topic.
To stop current execution, click 'Stop current execution' button in the execution toolbar or press 'Shift+F5'.

Execution timeout

If you would like to change execution timeout value, click corresponding button in toolbar and specify timeout value in seconds. The value specified for execution timeout affects all basic request tabs.

Default timeout value

Default timeout value when basic request window is opened is set in the following way:

Authentication data

If you would like to include authentication data with the request, click 'Authentication Data' menu and specify necessary data. See Authentication data for more information.

Authorization code

If you would like to obtain authorization code from authentication provider, click 'Authorization Code' menu and specify necessary data. See Authorization Code for more information.

Additional request options

The following additional request options are available: These options affect all basic request tabs.

Save basic request data as project

If you would like to save basic request data as a new project, click button to create new project available in basic request window toolbar. In the displayed window you will have to specify project name and name for each request item; when project will be created, HttpMaster will create separate request item for each opened request tab. At the end of the operation, basic request windows will be closed and newly created project will be immediately opened in the main window.


Option to create new project from basic request data is only available if no project is currently opened in HttpMaster. If some project is opened in HttpMaster, button for creating new project is disabled.

Open project request items as basic request

Any project request item listed in the main window can be opened as basic request. To open selected items in the basic request window, click 'Run/Open Selected Items in Basic Request Window' menu option or press 'Ctrl+Shift+B' and basic request window will be opened with the execution data of the selected request items (each selected item will be opened in its own tab).
Additional project items can also be opened when basic request window is already opened. To open additional project request item as basic request, double-click the desired item in the list available in the right part of the window. New tab will be created with the execution data of the selected request item.
In Professional edition, it is also possible to open all project request items from particular execution group in basic request window.