Express Professional
Price for edition Free Buy
Basic request features (URL, HTTP method, request encoding, URL encoding, etc.) Yes Yes
HTTP headers with support for advanced configuration of request headers Yes Yes
Add cookies with their values to request Yes Yes
Extensive upload support, including multipart form data Yes Yes
Request data builder for smoother testing of HTML forms and file uploads Yes Yes
Global parameters to define values for data reuse Yes Yes
Multi-value parameters for complete testing of all possible data variations Yes Yes
Parameters with manually provided values during the execution Yes Yes
Execution of multiple request items in desired order with basic response data validation Yes Yes
Complete request and response data review with several pretty viewers Yes Yes
Ad hoc request tool for quick execution of basic requests Yes Yes
Support for HTTP authentication (Basic, Windows, etc.) Yes Yes
Obtain OAuth access data from authentication provider Yes Yes
Create display groups for an advanced view of request items Yes Yes
Import OpenAPI (Swagger) data to create HttpMaster project for REST API Yes Yes
Advanced response data validation with support for logical validation expressions Yes
Request chaining to use any data from the previous request with the next request Yes
Automatically resend cookies from the previous request with the next request Yes
Create groups of request items for advanced execution scenarios Yes
Define conditional execution for request items inside the execution group Yes
Save complete execution data to a special export file for later review Yes
Create PDF report with selected execution data Yes
Export execution results (outcomes) to XML or JSON file Yes
Run pre-execution and post-execution actions (batch file, PowerShell script, etc.) Yes
Command line interface (CLI) to automate project execution Yes
Wizard for user-friendly construction of CLI commands Yes
Prepare Curl commands from project request items Yes