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Prices and volume discounts

Number of licenses Price per single license (lifetime)
1 $99
2 - 4 $89
5 - 9 $84
10 - 19 $79
20 - 49 $74
50+ $69

To buy multiple licenses with a discount, click 'Buy' button and you will be immediately redirected to a secure web store where you will be able to specify the number of licenses. Discount will be applied in the web store after you will enter the number of licenses to buy and select your payment method.


HttpMaster Professional Edition is licensed per-user. Each licensed user can install HttpMaster on an unlimited number of computers provided that licensed user is the only individual using HttpMaster.
If you are buying as a company, you have to buy separate license for each user that will use HttpMaster.


We do not provide refunds. You can download fully functional trial of HttpMaster Professional and evaluate it extensively during the 30-day trial period before making the purchase.